Minggu, 31 Januari 2010

DELL USA President @ DELL STORES Ambasador

Mr. Steve Felice
President Global S&B
on 29 JAN 2010

Shared Knowledge of DELL Business at DELL STORES @ Ambasador MALL

Together With Tie Lily from DELL Commercial, DELL INDONESIA

Together Shared things from http://dellm2m.blogspot.com of what DELL STORES
has done in the past and prospect in the future.

With the Solid TEAM @ DELL STORES Ambasador

Sabtu, 23 Januari 2010

Business Trip with FGD Expert TEAM to Surabaya

Business Trip to Surabaya, with some Solid TEAM from Surabaya
and Business Partner, Surabaya Unite Team and Educations and also with FGD EXPERT Team

Team Leader in Surabaya Get the DELL Mini10.

Surabaya Unite within Educations

NEW Style in Newspaper layout in the future and beyond

FGDExpo2003, 2005, 2007 dan 2009, Current Scope and Future of FGDExpo2011

Kamis, 21 Januari 2010

Promo Mouse only 3 days

Tukar mouse lama anda dengan :
Microsoft Mouse :
Dengan Keterangan sbb :
1. WMM3000, wireless
2. Garansi 3 tahun,
3. Ada Scratch and Win.
Harga Rp 370.000

Mouse lama dihargai Rp 121.000 ( tidak bisa diuangkan )
Anda hanya bayar Rp 249.000
Anda juga dapat Cashback Rp 39000 ( tidak bisa diuangkan )
Tapi bisa dipakai untuk membeli DELL NOTEBOOK yang juga sedang PROMO s/d 31 jan 2010
yaitu Inspiron 11z Promo Rp 200.000, menjadi Rp 239.000
Inspiron 11z spec = 11z:$659:SU4100/2GB/320GB/Win7BAS
Harga = Rp 6.194.600 ( Rate 9400 ). bisa anda dapatkan dengan harga Rp 5.955.000 saja.

Note : dimana ada harga wireless mouse BRANDED dengan harga Rp 249.000 dapat hadiah cash back Rp 39.000 dan BERGARANSI 3 tahun 

Bisa didapat di DELL STORES Mangga Dua Mall atau DELL STORES Ambasador MALL

For Rp 227,- a day and Warranty for 1095 days, do you think it is too EXPENSIVE for Wireless mouse ?

Promo Mouse 21 Jan s/d 23 Jan 2010
Promo Insiron s/d 31 Jan 2010
( Rate tidak mengikat )

Kamis, 14 Januari 2010

PROMO A, B, C, Find out now

Please join us on FaceBook Group of "DELL STORES INDONESIA"
( http://www.facebook.com/group.php?v=info&ref=search&gid=123410137375 )
and READ the "INFO" TAG

and follow http://twitter.com/dellstores

There are so much Prices and Discount you can get.
Hurry the Event last till 31 Jan 2010.

Minggu, 10 Januari 2010


Updated ALIENWARE Tournament Photos are on http://twitter.com/DELLSTORES

Come and SEE....

All are There : From KungFu Panda to Princes 2020 and 4Heroes to Single Hero.


Sabtu, 09 Januari 2010

ALIENWARE Tournament

ALIENWARE Tournament on JAKARTA ( 8,9,10 JAN 2010 )


GAMES on "LINEAGE ][ " ( With StudioOne19)

WARCRAFT Frozen Throne

DANCERS during ALIENWARE Tournament

WARCRAFT Frozen Throne

Even Young Kids is competing with the young-adult for WarCraft

So much people log-in to join NETWORK for the GAME

ALIENWARE Nice Keyboard

Colourfull ALIENWARE Keyboard